Use one to catch one

Wednesday 29th November 2017

A former Met chief is about to advise a big bank on financial crime .

I know that might provoke a wry smile from some of the populace who would be wondering where the criminals actually are within that conjoining – but that apart…

It’s Lord ( what copper gets to be a Lord ? ) Hogan Howe. Apparently after six years as Commissioner of the Met, Lord HH has struggled to find a role, apart from public speaking.

But he’s now set to be a bit busier. Issues he will now have to advise HSBC on are  money laundering, cyber-security and the attached  bad people who fund  operations that we’d rather not think about.

Just a thought for HR at HSBC –  why have an ex- enforcer in charge of finding the nasties ? Go disruptive, as all good businesses do  and get a spotty, if necessary convicted hacker. Put him or her in charge and closely monitored. Then let proper battle commence.


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