Thank you, chums , re more eurotrash

Monday 18th September 2017

Thank you, Gerard Lyons and Liam Halligan for having done the book which promotes that a Brexit will work. I haven’t read it but seen the previews.

I know both of these two – and respect their skills – Gerard for years as a hard talking economist, and Liam as a brilliant broadcaster and (grr) rival to my own efforts.

So to the issue – the Uk conducted a referendum. The vote was to leave the EU club.

Shall we consider the club membership?

Why would you join a club in the first place ? Convenient  – possibly. Good for business – hope so. Love the cachet – of course. Admire and respect the other members..I love the fact that the un-doorstepped in the forgotten parts of the UK, where politicians feared to tread, but under a democracy , whose opinions are counted, decided to cede.

Our history has always said, within and without a few diplomatic accomodations that  the overall message to ‘Europe’ has always been no thanks.I hope that some of the rejection was against the EC elite – and wondering what they do. Anyone know?

We’ve always been an offshore island to Europe – implying the geographic proximity but the independence. That won’t change.

So, with regard to our post Brexit future, history and the present tells us that we don’t need to be in a customs union or a tariff agreement to succeed and to export. It’s all about the quality of the product   – BMW  sold quality cars over the world under the strong DM or the weak euro .

Consider the big business.

The US, outside the EU, got a quarter of a trillion dollars of trade from the ‘closed’ market..similar biggies from China and Japan.

The UK is built on mercantilism in the past – now we have the biggest number of enrepreneurs in the world – not pro rata – but total. Ain’t that a good thing ?







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