Taxing times

Thursday 23rd August 2018

I think Trump will escape impeachment. He’s not very nice – I struggle to find a leading international political that is or was ‘nice’. Trump promised to make America ‘great again’ and to cut taxes. He’s done the latter, which is one reason why the most representative stock market in the US is breaking records, and if ‘great again’ means a more independent American continent, self sufficient in food and fun, then who, among the ‘deplorables’ isn’t going to like that?

The East and West coast commentariat can tootle a plaintive refrain, but the chorus of the US is its middle – and they voted and will continue to vote for someone who will bring jobs.

A common theme between the US and the UK is lower taxes – and that is a challenge for the UK finance minister, Philip Hammond. His governmental colleagues have demonstrated a craven and naive negotiating hand to the european bureaucrats. It’s all shown that honest negotiation is a waste of time. As is the infection of metropolitan soi-disant twist to the debate. 

A democratic majority voted to leave.

So,let us really do the business – tax receipts have surged. Why not cut corporation tax dramatically – to the Ireland level of 12.5% ? 

Review all taxes that make it hard to start businesses, move home and get training..and then please got someone plausible to get the message out that there is a big wide world out there, outside the EU, that is hungry for what we do best.

Explain and explore, please.


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