Skilless and clueless..

Wednesday 19th December 2018

On the day we, or at least the soi disant, have been fretting about the skills which we are now about to exclude from the UK, pre whatever Brexit deal is done, let me tell you quick tale.

We’re downsizing a bit so the lovely pine pedestal desk had to go. It’s a beauty but space is at a, onto Gumtree with a carefully crafted pic – nothing. So I contacted the local furniture charity. Great people, arrived on time – and then the driver said, ‘Sorry mate, I’ve got an issue with the desk”

“Which is.?”

’No leather top”

He was right..the leather top had been ripped , so I’d removed it and sanded it down to the pine underneath. Which I explained.

“Sorry, mate – they only want stuff that they can put straight into a house”
And the ‘they’ are people who are paying bottom dollar, if not nothing in deserving cases.

Hmm..had it been me, with a free desk, I would have researched a few websites to get a good makeover idea – or simply taken it to where I lived as a work in progress..

Our ’skills’ seem to me to be the willingness to know that when you’re young, you’ve got a mountain to climb..that’s an easy one..or when you simply need furniture then why not accept it and then do it up.

Snowflakes who think it’s all theirs will be out-manoeuvred by another generation of ‘legal’ immigrants who are willing to put the work in before they live in a nice house..

I’m of the sixties lot who bought a pile of rubbish in, for example, London – did it up, lived in the damp plaster and rotting floorboards and gradually moved on..

No favours, but at that time, but I would have loved that desk.


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