Shameless showing off..

Sunday 7th March 2021

Just 24 hours before the most explosive and revealing media interview of all time, as Oprah probes the Sussexes, another act of shameless self-publiicity will hit the airwaves.

Boom Radio, the internet sensation that plays to the baby-boomer generation has managed to secure an exclusive hour with global economic commentator and failed rock star Michael Wilson.

Wilson reveals, among many other insights into a glittering media career, how he really should have occupied  the international rock stage, but instead got his ‘O’ levels, and what exactly his part was in the downfall of the Soviet Union and the rise of satellite television.

During an hour of showing off, WIlson also shares some of the sounds that shaped his musical memories, and interviews that he managed to blag with his all-time heroes – and some media careers that he rescued.

It’s unmissable stuff, unless of course you don’t tune in. It’s on the interweb –, Sunday March 7th. Doors open at 8pm, wheelchairs at 9.


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