Pollsters’ predictions so predictable..

Wednesday 11th December 2019

I had lunch with a senior strategy advisor to the Tory party, over the weekend.

Obviously we talked politics and he rehearsed the hard  lessons of the last election where Theresa May was odds on to win handsomely, and it didn’t happen. The perceived wisdom amid the spinners is that Conservative voters felt it was in the bag and there was no urgent need to hit the pollng stations.

That’s not going to happen again,said my friend, and sure enough the weekend right of centre press urged everyone to take nothing for granted.

Today, apparently, the polls have narrowed and a hung parliament is a ‘margin of error’ away. So a final push is needed from Tory voters to keep Magic Grandpa out of 10 Downing Street.

I think this conventional, poll skewed opinion is missing a whole generation of voters, who might tip the balance.

I’m talking about ‘generation rent’; I’m talking about the one in six who think they’ve never been poorer; and I’m talking about the one in three single parents who feel that they’d be better off on benefits rather than at work. The survey is by FairMoney.com -@jazzfm #BusinessBreakfast

Now we can debate what’s ‘fair’ and we can throw the usual caveats around ‘surveys’, but there is undoubtedly a slew of new young voters who are excluded, for whatever reason , from any self interest in the success of the economy, whether it be through being able to afford to buy property, or have a decent job. If were them, and I knew nothing of state bureaucracy and state ownership, of high interest rates and the grey world of a devalued currency, I know whom and what I’d be voting for. Money trees and free broadband. You bet. 


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