Oh what a tangled web

Friday 3rd July 2020

I’d been lazy and I’d let the usual blogging slip. So it wasn’t until one of my friends tried to get on my website that I realised there was something wrong. It turned out that not only had my web
‘host ‘failed to renew but the software behind the website needed an upgrade. Two days of fault finding with the web host and the very patient help of the original web designer, fixed it.

Overall I’d felt fairly stupid – I’m not technical, but that’s no excuse. These days you’ve got to be online. In fact on my JazzFM business show we are constantly exploring the ‘new normal’ of working from home and how the whole process needs decent and secure computerage.

Mine was a minor irritation. There’s a lot worse. My producer, Nigel Williams also happens to be one of the station’s top presenters ( https://planetradio.co.uk/jazz-fm/presenters/nigel-williams/)
and is also extremely tech savvy, had suffered a similar glitch. But this was much more serious. He’d designed his own website and had it ‘hosted’ by a company called MrSite which was apparently a well known outfit for those clever enough to do a bit of DIY website building.

But the trouble was that MrSite was bought up by something called TsoHost. It was supposed to be a happy union.: ‘We’ve merged with the fantastic Tsohost, ‘ chirruped Mr Site,’ just like us they’re committed to helping you succeed online’.

Until, that is, last month when the new parents decided to chuck the new baby out, along with all the information and software that the MrSite customers had so painstakingly garnered, giving them a month’s notice to find an alternative. Many of the customers are small businesses who haven’t the time, not least of which given the demands of the pandemic, to ‘migrate’. And I’m sure I don’t need to point out the importance of a decent website as a shop window to a small business.

I’m guessing s unregulated territory – and I’m no fan of red tape, but it seems that whole livelihoods and businesses are being flung aside as some careless hosts decide to move on. I’m also guessing this is not an isolated case.Time to get someone on it.


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