Media coaching


Some company heads have it, some don’t. Some can deliver an engaging, impactful speech; some simply can’t. It might be lack of confidence, the content, the voice, or feeling uncomfortable in front of an audience of peers, colleagues, or critics.

More than ever before there’s a need to identify and deliver what the media demands from the company’s public face. And executives have an ever-increasing responsibility to explain themselves to both their shareholders and their stakeholders.

24-hour news means that there’s an instant audience of influencers, critics, commentators, and customers waiting to hear what you’re going to say in those few short moments of the interview.

Do it well and it’s an investment. Do it badly and it’s irretrievable.

Michael has worked with numerous FTSE 100 and 250 companies as a media mentor. He has over forty years of television and print experience alongside senior and top-tier journalists to help you get your message across with skill and integrity.

Internal communication

Increasingly we receive our news through podcasts, vodcasts, video clips and grabs. It should be fast, lively, engaging – produced and delivered with assurance and trustworthiness.

Michael and his team will make one-off, series or ongoing company or internal video news for intranet, email or download-to-device for staff, investors, shareholders, or customers. These can be anything – from concise, 30-second podcasts to in-depth interviews with key people at significant times in a company’s history.