At last a Brexit truth

Wednesday 29th November 2017

I  love this from the front page of The Times, which has been forensic in its Brexit coverage – and I don’t care which side you think the paper is on.  These will be  historic quotes.

Turns out, according to the Brussels correspondent, the Policy Editor and stalwart Sam Coates that ‘Brussels sources’ are ready to ‘help with the spin’ of concealing our Brexit bill – which as we understand it so far, is in the region  of 40 to 50 billion euro .

But  here’s the delicious thing – one ‘source’ has said, according to those who wrote the piece , ‘everyone will be happy to help to disguise those figures even in their own parliaments’

Of course they are. Because governments with an interest in the Euro project , and whose constituency are   surging populism wouldn’t dare  to reveal  the cost and the penalties of leaving it. But I bet the people would be very interested.

Now that places our exit in a very different and powerful place. What you know and cater for versus what others don’t is a pretty powerful leverage.


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