Labour’s great job

Thursday 28th September 2017

Whatever your political persuasion, you’ve got  to admit that Labour are bloody good. While the current administration battles to push through the Brexit which our democracy voted for, Jeremy Corbin and John McDonnell  are occupying great ground  with the generation that doesn’t remember the catastrophic consequences of Labour’s previous policies of tax and spend.

And why should they ? I’m assuming that there’s a population  of snowflakes that couldn’t be bothered to examine and rehearse the arguments for and against letting the public ‘finances’ feed  from  the money tree.

So Labour’s promise is very attractive. The young, who have been cushioned by the bank of mum and dad  are dismayed at the real world. It’s tough. Home ownership is unaffordable, and wage rises are dipping under inflation. And yet the blizzard of showbiz shows show  how the ultra riches of stardom are but a few TV shows away.

The ‘young’ have very little to look forward to. So there’s now a feeling that Labour can capture the disaffected who are fed up with rich bankers, greedy landlords and love the fact that rail, power, water and other utilities will be brought back into the public sector.  Because it will make them cheaper, more accountable and more efficient.

So the Conservatives have it all to do..and logic, experience and history of the Labour Party’s stunning mismanagement of taxpayers’ money won’t play with the ‘young’. They’d rather like it all now, whatever, and thank you.

And yet – many mornings on my business show, there are the triumphs of the young entrepreneurs – they dream, they go bust, they suffer, they borrow, they go bust again, they learn, they borrow and then maybe a few others join them – they make their own way. Good  luck to them – that’s where the future may lie. I hope so.


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