Independent Fed dead

Monday 11th September 2017

When the second in command of the biggest central bank in the world resigns, whatever the stated reason, the coded message is  important. Stanley Fischer decided to go last week- he is acknowledged  to be  one of the greatest economists in the world.

His main stated reason for resigning was the well tested phrase  – ‘personal reasons’.

His exit adds to four other resignations from the Federal Reserve’s board. He leaves only two others from the Obama administration.He goes at a crucial time. The big question is when will  the biggest economy in the world  decide to turn off the tap of cheap money?

Who knows, but it adds to an atmosphere which could make Fischer’s boss, Janet  Yellen’s tenure less comfortable. Along came Irma and the rest.

While the hurricanes weaken, she will have to think about issuing cheap money to help the damage – if she’s half the realist upon which she’s based her governance, she’ll find life uncomfortable. The Federal Reserve Bank had been working towards raising rates and reducing the printing money era.If that were to reverse, that might be enough to encourage her to exit gracefully.

Which would open the door to a Trump-controlled US central bank. Central bank independence  – however real or stated it is – is so important. Politicians in charge of the dollar is not to like.


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