Fixing Britain: The Business of Reshaping our Nation

In 2011, Michael co-authored ‘Fixing Britain: The Business of Reshaping our Nation’.

Co-written with Lord Digby Jones – the ‘face of British business’ – Fixing Britain’s candid and forthright style shines a spotlight on critical national and international business issues, and lays out the essential reform urgently needed for the UK’s growth.

Despite being written before the current Brexit debate, the findings and recommendations are as true now as when the book was written. It highlights how untenable the status quo is in the UK, and sets out how Britain can re-engage with, and remain in, the globalised race for the world’s business.

Sending a clear message to government, business leaders, strategists and the media, Fixing Britain explores the effective linkage of change at all levels from Westminster to education, the public and private sectors, our social cohesion, and our common purpose.