Enough, Ed

Monday 15th April 2019

Who gave Ed Balls the dep duty on Radio 2  on the station’s Elaine Paige  slot yesterday, Sunday 1pm? Was it meant to be a clever sop to some Labour zeitgeist populism ?

We all have a laugh at Elaine Page’s laugh – but at least she knows, completely, what she’s talking about.

And most, if not all,  of the other Radio 2 presenters who are introducing ‘curated’ musical strands, have a cv and a knowledge which chimes with what they’re saying on air.

None of this applied to Ed Balls – he sounded like a geography teacher who had been asked to do a maths lesson. In a polytechnic. And  he didn’t care.

Balls, clearly, had prepared nothing, His clamber up to showbiz broadcasting, presumably via  the Strictly dance floor, remained at hospital radio level . His symbiosis with musical tunes was demonstrably out of key.  He talked about some songwriters called  Rodgers and Hammersteen, and then, as he publicly acknowledged, his producer corrected him to ‘Hammerstine’..the rest of the show  sounded ill researched and worst of all, Balls clearly didn’t know how awful he sounded.  Perhaps a  late congratulatory north London lunch awaited.

He’s clearly a miscast buffoon – but there’s a serious point. Maybe as a politician you can afford to be scornful of the ‘punters’, the voters, the people who put you there.

But in broadcasting, you never, ever, present a lazy, disrespectful  show for the viewers or the listeners, least of all on a taxpayer funded network.  

I can’t even be bothered to write the ‘load of Balls’ strapline, No, more,please. Get off.


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