At last – no worries re Covid19

Wednesday 1st July 2020

I mentioned this a few weeks ago. It’s growing. There’s a grey area about who was insured for what from the pandemic. It seems to be fairly straightforward – the insurers will fight to make sure they don’t suffer another BP Deepwater cash dispenser, and the victims will pursue every wrinkle in the blame game.

Lawyers are rooting deep within the ts and cs of the tiny print subsidiary paragraphs of company insurance policies to see if there’s a ‘Blimey, there’s pandemic’ section which might help those businesses which have had to close down, to claim their losses.

I said at the time that I doubted it, but, like all things – the wedding ring down the loo, or the mobile that has become a bit outdated so you ‘lost’ it on the train – it’s worth a try.

And indeed – it has come to pass. The US juggernaut, that uber- claimer of all that is just, is joining the fight. As the Wall Street Journal has put it , one of the biggest fights in the history of insurance has begun. ‘ A cavalcade of restaurateurs,retailers and others hurt by pandemic shutdowns have ( sic) sued to force their (sic) insurers to cover billions in business losses. But insurance companies have largely refused to pay claims under (the) coverage, citing a standard requirement for physical damage.’

But guess what..the companies filing the lawsuits say that the coronavirus sticks to surfaces and renders workplace unsafe.

Alleluja..better call Saul…


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