All aboard..I doubt it

Tuesday 21st June 2022

Who are the railway strikes for? Whom do they benefit? And would you like ‘agency staff’ operating the signals? I think the government has a long way to go ,to get up to speed with the alternative workforce to take over the complete running of the railways,

If we are employed , either the lucky things employed by the state, or the chancers employed by ‘the private sector’, if we are employed, we are the ‘workers’. And yet the persons who vote to stop the railways are doing it for the ‘workers’.

Really ?

 So the rail unions are stopping people going to ‘work’. Thoss who go to ‘work’ also pay their fares out of income which is already taxed. Does that money make its way to the public purse which might be funding the public finances which eventually might be used for a pay settlement? 

That cramped place on a rush hour train , seated or standing. For the railways to make money, theyneed  you to be in a crowded train. And yet,the driver in front, performing a limited skills task is earning well  need above the average wage.


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