AA driving me crazy

Wednesday 9th December 2020

Cars don’t go wrong these days. Your little eco friendly Pious may have slithered into non drive mode over the pandemic, but give it a Guardian in the side pocket and some dull nodding teenagers obsessed into their flat friend screens, a little key action will probably  hum it into action.

You’ll forgive, therefore, the petrolocracy, who’ve been driving you around for a long time. We are those persons in cars – we fill them up at petrol stations and have been sometimes guilty of buying flowers for our beloveds from the same. 

All good then – until, as an unwilling member of the petrol lot, I ring the AA to find out whether or not I can drive into France to visit our dear friends. One of whom, and thank the Lord, but more later, is suffering from a weak heart.

So, I ring the AA, ready to ask if, according to their usual close to the tarmac, Edmund King-ish. view, they might have the latest.

Oh. no. Am referred to an 0161 number. which having dialled after a few minutes on the AA number, refers me back to the 0161 number. The most unhelpful answering I’ve ever experienced.

So here’s an organisation which is supposed to champion the motorist giving nothing. All phone calls are circular into frustration. Where’s the road ahead ? Re the weak hearted chum – looks like that’ll be a sympathy vote to an officious gendarme..so sad


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